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A Message from the GM: Answering Future Needs

As mentioned in previous editions of The GVEC Review, the Cooperative made the transition from its longtime all-requirements power supplier, the Lower Colorado River Authority, to the price competitive ERCOT energy market on June 25, 2016. We expected...Read More

GVEC Returns $3.6M to the Membership

The GVEC Board takes its fiduciary responsibility to the membership very seriously, which includes managing the financial resources of the Cooperative... Read More.

A New Spin on Line Work

You might not expect your cooperative to use a helicopter to "string" a transmission line in Central Texas, but that’s what we did last fall. It was a cost-effective way to get the job done as part of a two-phase....Read More

Members Welcomed to 2016 GVEC Annual Meeting

The GVEC Annual Meeting was held on June 24 at the Gonzales High School Special Events Center. Either present or by proxy, 977 GVEC members were represented at the meeting...Read More

Join the Club

Growing up in a small town, there are some things you may never have an opportunity to see or do such as riding an escalator or watching seahorses being born right before your eyes. But, thanks to a POWER UP grant...Read More

Simple Science: Charge Up Your Cheerios!

Get your kids excited about school and science with this simple experiment about static electricity. Using just a few common household items and an adult's help, it's a safe way to learn about electricity.... Read More

78 Degrees is Too Hot for Me!

Does the thought of setting your thermostat at 78 make you break into a sweat? We know keeping your home at 78 degrees may seem high to some, but it's a number you can learn to love... Read More



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