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GVEC News 

A Message from the GM

If you recall my comments from last month, they centered on a discussion about the adjustment to the Generation and Transmission (G&T) rate that would be effective on bills generated after August 1, 2014...Read More

GVEC Bills: Then and Now

GVEC bills continue to evolve to meet member needs. They were updated this past February to be easier to read and provide additional information members said they’d like to have readily available...Read More

GVEC 2014 Annual Meeting

The GVEC Annual Meeting was held on June 27 at the Gonzales High School Special Events Center. Either present or by proxy, 1,051 GVEC members were represented at the meeting...Read More

Returning to Africa

Fiber Helping neighbors and communities thrive has always been the cooperative way, and 31-year GVEC veteran, Gary Wilson, takes this philosophy to heart....Read More


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