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GVEC News 

Upcoming Rate Changes Effective in March

See an important notice of upcoming rate changes and learn more about your bill here...

A Message from the GM: Realigning Rates for a Positive Impact

On page 20 of the GVEC Review, you will find an official notice of upcoming rate changes (Notice) to take effect in the next couple of months. I would like to further explain the changes and the positive overall impact most members will experience...Read More

Know What Goes Into Your Electric Bill

As a member-owner of a not-for-profit Cooperative, you pay as close to cost as possible for your electricity. Your bill has two major components--the price of electricity and the cost to get it to your home or business...Read More

Catch the Safety Bug

Louie the Lightning Bug may not be able to move his lips, but when GVEC's safety mascot makes his annual flyby to second-grade classrooms in our service area, he speaks volumes about staying safe around electricity...Read More

Don't Be in the Dark about Outages

Did you know natural causes such as lightning, wind and critters are the most common reasons for outages? While GVEC has many measures in place to help prevent and detect ourages, they still happen as part of the basics of operating and electric system...Read More

Slow Your Roll with These Winter Efficiency Tips AND VIDEOS!

Our lives are hectic, and we forget sometimes that the simplest of actions can actually make the biggest difference in saving energy and money. Try these simple tips that the entire family can get involved with...Read More

Weather Matters! : How Weather Affects Electric Bills

Have you ever looked at your bill and thought, "How could this be?" You're pretty sure nothing's changed in your home--not even the thermostat setting. So, why is your electric usage up?....Read More



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