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GVEC News 

A Message from the GM: S&P Upgrades GVEC Rating

I am pleased to announce that GVEC recently earned an upgraded “AA- stable” rating from one of the world's top credit rating institutions, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services (S&P)...Read More

Sign Up for TextPower

Now you can send us a text message from your cell phone to report outages, receive updates and get a confirmation when your power is restored. Find out more about this new member service by watching our video...Read More

What SmartHub May be Telling You This Summer

Have you ever wondered why your neighbor's electric bill is lower than yours? Even if your homes are the same size and have similar energy efficiency features, you and your neighbor's situations could still be very different....Read More

Slow Your Roll with These Efficiency Tips

Our lives are hectic, and we forget sometimes that the simplest of actions can actually make the biggest difference in saving energy and money. Try these simple tips that the entire family can get involved with...Read More



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